55+ The Most Side Hairstyles for Prom

Side Hairstyles for Prom, side ponytails, side braids, side cascading curls… these have been rocked by celebs on the red carpets at all the biggest recent events, so, well, congrats, side hairstyles have become a hot trend. As prom season is approaching, all seniors are excited about the choice of chic outfits, accessories and matching hairstyles. Side hairstyles for prom, showing your beautiful neck and shoulder line are a great idea of how you may stand out from the crowd at your graduation party. They are extremely flattering for all types of cocktail wear, especially for one-sleeved, single-strapped and strapless dresses. A hairstyle should compliment your dress. Besides, it would be nice if it doesn’t look too outdated even 20 years from now. That’s why, once you have decided what you are going to wear, start looking for hair inspiration ideas. Here you will find 50 stunning side hairstyles to sparkle your inner best at the prom party.

Side Hairstyles for Prom

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Best Possible Hairstyles for Long Faces

Best Possible Hairstyles for Long Faces. Its features, proportions and shape condition the choice of acceptable hairdos. Hairstyles for long faces are not a big problem. Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Hilary Swank, Kelly Reilly for instance, have oblong faces and always look gorgeous. If you know what kind of hairstyles to choose to flatter your physical parameters, you may make your long face appear perfectly oval or at least extremely charming and sweet. With the following 50 hairstyles you will never have a single doubt about whether you look gorgeous.

Hairstyles for Long Faces

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Best Short Punk Hairstyles ( 40+ photos ) 2018

Short Punk Hairstyles are extremely popular among young people, especially those who are “in search of themselves”. They are anything but boring and ordinary, that’s why we are so tempted to try them. Besides, punk hairstyles help you to express yourself, showing the world what you are really like deep inside. Maybe it’s just your temporary state but showing it off helps to accumulate the harmony you have in your heart and soul.

Short Punk Hairstyles offers variety to everyone, who wants to try it on. The most fantastic thing is you can both go after radical changes or remain within your usual image, diluting it with those elements of punk style you like the most.

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5 Glamour DIY Bridal Hairstyles Ideas (Tutorials)

We always get much inspiration from DIY Bridal Hairstyles Ideas and today in this post we will get into Bridal Hairstyles. No matter your hair is long or short, your stylist will always find the right hairstyle that suits you best, especially on your big day! From updo,wedding, to half up half down style, the following wedding hairstyles ideas are the ideal for girls with a high glamour and elegance!

DIY Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

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Latest 15+ Short hairstyles Color Ideas

Latest 15+ Short hairstyles Color Ideas . Short hairstyles will always be in high demand, but one way to shake up the ordinary and add something truly unique is by mixing in color. Vibrant hair shades are a great way to add an exotic factor to a short hairstyle. From only coloring your bangs, to rainbow hues, highlights and more color can push your boring style into a whole new bracket of wow! Don’t believe us? Check out some of the hottest dyed short hairstyles we’ ve ever seen!

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