Beautiful Micro Brides Hairstyles Looks for 2018

There are so endless amount of hairstyles you can choose from and micro braids are one of them. Micro braids have been popular and trending for years. They are made by having a bunch of braids, which are merged together that cover, your whole head. They are easy to maintain and are low maintenance. They look gorgeous and are very stylish once they’re done but can take several hours to finish. Also, they are very versatile so you can change your style on a daily basis.

Before you get started, ensure your hair is long enough, healthy and can cope with the micro braids as they can damage thin and weak hair. Then get yourself comfortable and have a friend by your side to help you. Having micro braids will definitely benefit you, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Once you have your braids installed, they can last for months. We suggest you take your braids out every two-three months so your natural hair can breathe and settle. You could say this is like your hairs recovery time. This is also good for you because then you can restyle your hair or braid them differently. Leaving your braids in for longer than three months, can cause damage to your hair by making it thin and then it will start to break.

To maintain your braids, ensure you use a conditioner to keep them moisturised and fresh. Don’t use a heavy condition as they can cause build-up in the hair, resulting in a dry scalp. Use a spray or an oil formula so you can target areas more specifically and you can control the amount you apply better. Drink plenty of water too, as this will help your hair to look fantastic. Before you go to bed, you can protect your braids by wearing a scarf. This will help keep them tidy and neat.

Micro Brides Hairstyles Looks

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The Latest Trends Hair Accessories for Brides

These wedding hairstyles for long hair are lavish, luxury looks, ensuring each happy bride is the undoubted star of her day! Today’s fashion-forward, bridal hair inspiration includes down, half-up and up-styles, hot off the wedding fashion runways!  You’ll also see the latest trends in hair accessories for brides, as you plan your once-in-a-lifetime look. So come right in and browse the new colors, styles and hair accessories forbridal hairstyles your new hubby will love!

Hair Accessories for Brides Is this a coiled pony-tail, a chignon or a apart braid! Well – it’s a artistic aggregate of all three hair-styling techniques that will never attending anachronous in your bells photos. Softly draped over the ears, afore actuality swept up into a beautiful, alloyed chignon gives a admirable semi-formal conjugal hairstyle. The beard blush architecture is an expertly advised alloy of honey and caramel-blonde, assorted by toffee-brown balayage. And you charge add one of this season’s signature looks – a jewelled beard accent for an affected finishing touch!

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