65 Awesome Nail Designs for Spring And Summer

I’ve always wanted to gather the really 65 awesome nail designs for spring and summer I see when I go on Pinterest or Instagram and gather them in one place for when I’m feeling fun so found the most creative nail art ideas I could find on the internet. There are so many creative nail art designs out there, why the list is so long, but I could only look for so long. In this nail art gallery, I have many funky step by step tutorials, starting with simple like pink and purple ombre to matte black coffin looks for Halloween, and even classy looks with rhinestones and glitter.

There is so much variety in this long list. I have looks for spring, summer, fall, and winter, and if you’re not as old as me, nail art designs for teens and kids. I didn’t know you could be so creative with the negative space of a black white french nail. Finding these gave me awesome ideas for DIY crafts I can do on my short nails for just about every holiday I know. These will help you find the best design on your acrylic or gel nails for toes or even just that one accent ring finger you have to do against other simple nails.

Awesome Nail Designs for Spring And Summer

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35+ Awesome Medium Haircuts Trends in 2018

Very often we are thinking of changing something in our image. It’s amazing how dramatically a woman can change when she has her hair cut in a new original way. Commonly we are a bit worried to make this resolute move towards a new image, because we are not sure whether it’s going to be a successful move or not. Other times we simply don’t know what specific haircut to choose. You will be surprised but the truth is you already have all the answers. Just ask your intuition. It will tell you which looks you are more comfortable with. Meanwhile, we are going to offer you some food for thought and imagination with an awesome collection of photos, featuring the trendiest haircuts for medium-length hair.35+ Awesome Medium Haircuts Trends in 2018.

Medium Haircuts Trends

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Awesome Nail Trends Artistic Nail Art Collections

There are nail designs that include only one color, and some that are a combo of several. Some nail designs can be plain and others can represent some interesting pattern. Also, nail designs can differ from the type of nail polish used, These simple designs are easy to follow for even the novice and are a great way to get started in your own nail fashion designs.

Below, we have chosen several Simple But Artistic Nail Art Designs that you can draw inspiration from for your next nail design idea.

Artistic Nail Art Collections

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