5 Minute Cute and Easy Hairstyles for School

It’s 7 minutes to 5. Your daughter’s Frozen themed lunch box is lying half-packed on the table and the school bus will arrive any minute now and start blaring its horn. And if it drives away without your sweet little angel on it, you will have to fight through hellish morning traffic to drop her off to school. It doesn’t help that now she’s whining to you that you need to do her hair and make it look “all pretty like a princess.” So, when you’re in a time crunch, this close to blowing your top off, just take a few deep breaths and remember that I’m here to your rescue! Below, I’ve compiled 20 cute and easy hairstyles for school girls that are trending right now…along with instructions detailing how to do them! I know, I know, you love me. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Hairstyles for School

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5 Glamour DIY Bridal Hairstyles Ideas (Tutorials)

We always get much inspiration from DIY Bridal Hairstyles Ideas and today in this post we will get into Bridal Hairstyles. No matter your hair is long or short, your stylist will always find the right hairstyle that suits you best, especially on your big day! From updo,wedding, to half up half down style, the following wedding hairstyles ideas are the ideal for girls with a high glamour and elegance!

DIY Bridal Hairstyles Ideas

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